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Hi Everyone! 

 I’ve been invited to join the #mywritingprocess blog tour by Kym Boyles, the author of  "His First Lady".

To reiterate for those who know me and to introduce myself to those who don't, my name is Charlene R. Cobbs, a New Jersey naïve who although born in the city, grew up in the heat of South Carolina. I have released 3 books: a book of poetry, “Taking From Experience”, a romance novel, “Be Prepared for Anything" and a motivational activity book for young women entitlted: “Strength Comes from Within". In addition to writing, I also enjoy reading, traveling, cooking and spending time with my family.

 My instructions are to answer four questions for you:

 1) What am I working on?

 I have a few things going on, for starters, because I've received so many requests, I am currently working on a sequel to "Be Prepared for Anything". I am also working on a project with a friend to develop a play/screen right for "Be Prepared for Anything". And last by not least, my last book, "Strength Comes from Within" was self published in June of this year (2014) so I'm working on book signings and promotional ideas for that project.

 My books can be found in any online book store and on kindle:


2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I'm very diverse when it comes to the information that I like to share. I'm not just a poet, I'm a writer, and you'll find that I don't stick to one particular genre, I'll do poetry, romance, motivational material, etc., I even write erotic stories. I would even like to write a children's book one day.


3) Why do I write what I do?

 I started writing because I didn't always feel like I had a voice but through my poems, I could express my emotions and tell my story without saying a word. Writing was a form of release for me and it allowed me an opportunity to share my "inside" voice with the world. I want to touch the lives of everyone I meet and writing allows me to do that.


 4) How does my writing process work?

 Writing is an emotional process for me. I write about what I feel. My first book of poetry was raw emotion and it was personal, almost too personal to share. I used to remember people coming up to me and talking about a poem in the book and when they read inserts from it I would cringe because I felt so naked and vunerable while they read the words that used to linger inside of me until I put them on paper. My romance novel was written in fiction but some of it was patterned around people I knew. I was inspired by love and I let that emotion pour onto the pages to give the reader a glimpse into my heart. As for the motivational book, I love sharing my knowledge and experiences in hopes that something I share will make someone else's life a little better. With that book, I wanted to let young women know that they are not alone and that they too can achieve their goals and be anything they want to be with hard work and determination.

 My writing process takes time but I'm always happy with the end result. God choose me to share my life through my pen and paper and it's my sword of choice as well as a release outlet.


The author, for the week of August 4 is Fernand Smith.  I admire his work and am pleased to introduce him to you.

Fernand Smith

Fernand, a 37 year old native of Columbia, SC, is an author who enjoys writing fiction and horror novels. He’s written three novels, “Slow Lane”,  “Quest for the Sword of Light” and “The Art of Murder”.

His first novel Slow Lane published in 2012 told a tale of a man named Caesar who after his mother was shot during a robbery leaving her paralyzed, decides to sell drugs to get his mother out of the crime ridden neighborhood they reside. Twenty years later when Caesar decides he’s ready to walk away from it all, the Mayor, the Police Captain, and a downtown drug lord by the name of Frankie Russell have other ideas.

If you enjoy a good journey and a tale of wizards, you will enjoy Fernand’s Quest for the Sword of Light. A war has waged for ten years between the valiant Society, led by the heroic Isaiah, and the evil Foundation, led by the dreaded Drastamus. The Society fight to restore the world to what it once was: a land of peace but they have to gather all six pieces of the Sword of Light to destroy Drastamus before Drastamus and his troops destroy them and continue their evil reign on the world.

Last but not least, The Art of Murder takes you on twists and turns when a detective who interviews an accused but never convicted serial killer, who was believed to be responsible for several murders twelve years ago. The killer now rests in a heavily guarded asylum, when new murders begin to happen all over town in the same vain of the killer. Is Justin Daniels responsible for this new string of murders? Or are the murders the work of a copycat? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

When reading Fernand’s work, you are sure to be intrigued by mystery and drama. You can pick up your own copy of these books by visiting Amazon, Publish America (Star Books), Kindle or any online book store.


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