In addition to poetry and romance, I also write exotic stories. The Department Store is this months story. Enjoy!



The Department Store


I love shopping during Christmas time....I told Stephen as we hopped in the truck. Zipping through the highway we finally ended up at the Columbiana Mall. Shoppers were all over the place and so were police officers, with a watchful eye out for shoplifters and other predators of holiday crime. When we stepped into Belk's, the elbow to elbow contact wasn't exactly what we had been looking forward to. The ladies wear was upstairs, so Stephen and I took the escalator upstairs. Stephen stood close behind me and his hands held my waist as we rode up. When we reached the top, we quickly jumped off and headed right, following the sign that read, "Ladies Wear". Everything appeared to be on sale. I flipped through shirts and dresses as Stephen walked closely behind me. The only area that wasn't crowded was the dressing room, I noticed as I headed there with an arm full of things to try on. Every time I tried something on, I would peek out and ask Stephen what he thought. As always, he thought everything looked great. I had a few pieces of clothing that I should have only modeled in the comfort of my own home, but I wanted to be playful with Stephen so I tried them on anyway. I peeked out the door with a black lace negligee on and asked Stephen for his opinion. A smile grew over his face as he said, "you're not supposed to come out here with that on are you?"....No one is out here but you, I said.....what do you think?...I think it's nice..Do you have anymore to try on?...yes, why do you want to help me try them on..i said with a devilish grin and a jerk of the eyebrows not thinking he would take the bait....I sure do, he said as he walked in the dressing room, closing and locking the door behind him...I giggled at him, I can't believe that your in here...and before I could finish, he pulled me close and covered my mouth with his. I was in a huge dressing room and the door made it impossible for anyone to see over or under it. Stephen pushed me up against he wall and held my hands over my head. I closed my eyes as his hands slide down my arms until they were around my waist. I took my arms and put them around his neck as we embraced in a long tongue battling kiss. The negligee had a section that exposed your nipples and they hardened as he found that spot with his tongue. I arched my back so that he could take all of it in his mouth and moaned softly as I felt his teeth nibble on them. He lifted my leg with his hand and rested it on the bench that was supposed to be used for sitting. He knelt down and run his tongue across the crotch of the negligee before pushing it aside. His tongue parted the tiny hair that surrounded my pussy and then slide its way inside. Unable to control my passion, I opened my legs so that he could have his way with me. His tongue moved to my clit and he licked it slowly and then started to suck it as if he were sucking on a piece of candy. I held his head as my body began to move with the motions of his head. I heard someone coming into the dressing room and tried to push him away but he started to eat me even more vigorously and it felt so good that I became weak. "ma'am, are you ok in there" a voice came from outside the door...'um...yes, I'm ok" I softly moaned out' ...I managed to get out..."I'll be out in a second"....I didn't hear her move at first, but then she went on about her business and let me tend to mines. With a combination of tongue and fingers, he managed to make me cum and my body trembled against the wall as I bit my lip to keep me from letting everyone know that I was getting my freak on in the dressing room. When he finished, Stephen stood up and looked at me as I tried to keep the smile off of my face. I hit him jokingly on the shoulder and said, you could have gotten us caught...before heading to the door and peeking out to see if the coast was clear, he said, you should have provoked me...we both laughed and he slipped out to the waiting area without being noticed as I changed back into my clothes. When I came out of the dressing room, I hung the clothes that I didn't want on the hanger outside of the dressing room door and stood in line to pay for the ones that I wanted to purchase. When we got outside, I was so horny, instead of going out to get something to eat, we decided to go straight back to the room...I wanted to see if the other negligee that I had in the bag would have the same effect on him.